Law Enforcement

Secure Evidence. Manage Assets. Meet Chain of Custody Requirements.

Being able to locate evidence, equipment, and files efficiently and effectively is not an option in law enforcement– it’s an imperative. A single piece of lost evidence could mean the difference between a solved or unsolved crime. PADtrax RFID technology was designed to remove the possibility of lost evidence while mitigating your security risk.

Secure Your Evidence. The PADtrax RFID solution is designed specifically for meeting the evidence management requirements of law enforcement. Our evidence management software is configured according to your Police Department’s exacting requirements and provides complete chain-of-custody for evidence items- from seizure through final disposition.

Electronic chain of custody logs and reports track all events related to the evidence, including transfers, over the complete lifecycle of the item. In the event that a piece of evidence goes MIA, the RFID reader can quickly scan the evidence container, room, or surrounding area within the building to locate misplaced items.

Track and Manage Your Assets. Weapons, gear and office equipment can also be inventoried and tracked using PADtrax. A simple RFID tag affixed to the item and a handheld RFID reader tracks the location of an item and its dispensation. It makes inventory a breeze.

Easy to Implement. Records and data from existing systems are easily imported, making PADtrax easy to implement for any size department. In fact, we’re willing to come in and give you a free consultation show you the power of RFID for law enforcement agencies.

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