Asset Management

PADtrax™ RFID Tracking Solutions

Track your most valuable items with state of the art RFID technology.

PADtrax RFID Solutions from C&A Associates can deliver greater than 99% discovery accuracy and up to 95% reduction in labor costs. It allows you to eliminate paper-based asset tracking and management and lets your employees do far fewer manual adjustments and reconciliations.

RFID tagging and tracking: who uses it and why?

Law Firms and Court systems: Records management, and the ability to get files in a timely manner. In case management, RFID is used for evidence tracking.

Hospitals/Medical Clinics: Tracking patient record folders and valuable inventory such as drugs.

County Governments: Tickets, arrest warrants, evidence tracking. Losing a record or evidence can mean losing a case!

Financial Institutions: Valuable documents such as contracts, loan files, claim and deeds. You can also follow chain-of-command for these valuable documents.

Insurance Companies: Claims processing, asset tracking.

And More: Virtually any company who needs to keep track of and account for:

  • File Folders
  • Computer Media
  • Drawings
  • Binders
  • Equipment
  • Product Inventory
  • Physical Assets

If you need to know where your records or assets are, you can be more efficient and save time and money by taking advantage of PADtrax RFID Solutions.

RFID tagging for physical assets and inventory

Every business needs to keep track of their physical assets such as furniture, equipment and computer systems. With PADtrax, the full inventory for an office or classroom can be taken with a single swipe of a hand reader!

Businesses which maintain a product inventory can shave hundreds of hours off their time spent tracking and accounting for inventory status and location. And having up-to-date, accurate inventory data simplifies the process of accounting for your corporate assets for tax purposes.

PADtrax RFID Solutions from C&A Associates.
Your business can’t afford to ignore it.

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